The family of Dave Vick is seeking help from the public to locate their loved one who has gone missing.

Vick, who was often seen around the downtown area, was reported missing to the Waxahachie Police Department on Sept. 7. Vick’s brother-in-law David Williams describes him as a person that kept to himself and preferred to live on the streets rather than indoors.

“We would always see him on the street. You would see him up here by the Shell station on Marvin Avenue and was mostly in the downtown area,” David said. “When we would see him we would speak with him and ask if he needed a ride, but would never go with anybody. Most of the time he would say that he was doing alright.”

David stated while Vick lived on the street he gave back to the community in small meaningful ways. He could be seen working to sweep up an area downtown or cleaning out the flowerbeds next to the Ellis County Courts and Administration Building on Jackson Street.

Concern grew for Vick's safety after he missed his monthly meeting with his sister, Jo Ann Mack, on Sept. 3.

“He would check in with his sister once a month to get his social security check. He never missed that appointment,” David said. “She realized something was up when he didn’t show up. They would always meet at the new courthouse on a bench. She came one day, and he didn’t show up. They went back the next day, and he still didn’t show up.”

Vick’s sister, Earlean Williams, stated when her brother missed the meeting with Jo Ann family members took the next step and reported him missing to police. They have also contacted the Dallas and Fort Worth Police Departments about Vick's disappearance and have searched those cities for him, but have turned up empty.

“We have walked the streets in Dallas. Looked for him at the Dallas Life Foundation because someone said they saw him up there,” Earlean said. “We walked St. Paul Street where there is a big homeless population. We checked the Greyhound Bus Station in Fort Worth and walked Lancaster Street.”

Waxahachie Police Lt. Marcus Brown stated the department is working to located Vick and bring him home.

“We received a report from family members that Mr. Vick had not been seen in a couple of weeks. We are working in concert with the family to find him,” Brown said. “He was last seen on a security camera at the downtown parking garage at about 2 a.m. on Aug. 15.”

Brown stated police found Vick’s buggy in the parking garage a short time after the missing person report was filed.

On the footage, Vick is seen wearing a white or light colored shirt and camouflaged pants. It is unclear if he was wearing house shoes or was barefooted. Vick is 69 years old, weighs about 150 pounds and stands 6-foot-1.

There is a possibility that a bus ticket was purchased for him, but police are still trying to confirm that information.

“We are trying to comb through a lot of stuff right now to get what is factual and what is not. We have met and talked with folks in downtown that are business owners or work in the area,” Brown said. "This particular case has generated a lot of discussion across the department. We have become accustomed to seeing him almost every day. He keeps to himself, and he is a nice man.”

Earlean encourages people to reach out to police if they have seen Vick or know his current whereabouts. She asked for anyone who thinks they see Vick to take a photo of the person, as there have been some misidentifications.

The Waxahachie Police department can be reached at 469-309-4400. The department is located at 630 Farley Street in Waxahachie.