The owners of Three Rivers Coffee look to not only connect people with a great cup of joe but with each other. They hope the coffee will serve as a conduit for a great conversation.

The coffee shop is currently under construction and looks to open within the next three months. It is located in 2800 block of U.S. Highway 77 in front of Atwoods in Waxahachie.

Owners Chris and Lorena Richie are excited to share their love of the drink and the community it fosters with the city.

“We have wanted to open a coffee shop for a long time. A lot of our inspiration comes from the coffee culture in Alaska where I grew up,” Lorena said. “Coffee is very big there because it is dark a lot during the year. So everyone drinks coffee.”

Lorena explained the name of the shop is a tribute to the Kenai Peninsula where she grew up and the three rivers — the Kenai, Russian, and Kasilof — that run next to it.

As they work to build out the store, the couple wants to create a space that has a casual atmosphere with an industrial feel. When it opens, the comfortable seating and the soft music will add to its ambiance.

And, for customers on the go, there will be a drive-thru available.

Three Rivers will be using Novel Coffee Roasters from Dallas for the beans to create their drinks. Novel was founded in 2013 and works to secure its beans directly from the source.

“They focus on single origin and great espresso. Everyone loves a good espresso drink, lattes, and mochas. So we wanted to make sure that it could hold up to those types of drinks pretty well,” Lorena said. “We wanted to offer coffee that people are used to. You know, dark roasts are pretty common coffee that people enjoy. We also wanted to have a roaster that had different roasts where we could expand a little bit more on our flavor profiles.”

Lorena stated some Alaskan favorites are on the menu for customers to enjoy, as well. One of those drinks, the Polar Bear, is a white chocolate mocha with caramel. Another is the Italian Soda, which consists of sparkling soda that is topped off with cream.

Though the hours of operation have not yet been set, potential customers who want to try out the coffee can make inquiries about purchasing through its Facebook page.

Lorena stated the couple looks forward to serving residents and visitors to the city.

For more information about the store, visit its website at www.threeriverscoffee.com. The coffee shop can be found on Facebook by searching for Three Rivers Coffee Co.