Visitors to downtown Waxahachie will soon have another place to relax and enjoy the view as they sip on coffee. The Dessert Spot inside the Roger Hotel will open in the next few weeks.

Elmo Harris, co-owner, stated the impression left by the city on a visit lead him and his wife, Arthelia, to open up a business in downtown.

“We were here on one Sunday, and got out of the car because the antique shops and the courthouse intrigued us,” Elmo said. “We were talking to some residents here on the square. They were saying I think that there is some space at the Rogers Hotel and they pointed me to the hotel. We crossed the street and looked in and said this may work.”

Elmo stated six weeks later they finalized their lease on the space, which is now in the final stages of renovations. The interior construction was just completed, and it will be decorated with photos that will pay tribute to the city's historic past. The shop will also feature several televisions on the walls so people can catch up on what is happening outside the city.

Right now Elmo is waiting on final city inspections to be completed before they officially open the doors.

The Dessert Spot will have a selection of international coffees as well as local blends. There will also be bottled drinks. The shop will feature a variety of muffins, pastries, pies, cakes, cookies, and danishes on its menu.

“We are talking to several international coffee growers in Columbia, Panama, New Guinea and Brazil. We will also have some local coffees as well. My wife loves Community Coffee so we will probably have that as well,” Elmo said. “What we are trying to do is to create a place where folks can come in and sit down and enjoy the view.”

Elmo stated that his wife is a real coffee connoisseur who knows what makes a great cup.

The windows of the coffee shop provide customers with a great view of the historic downtown, he also explained. It puts people in the center of the city with all of the events that take place on a regular basis.

“We thought what better place then in the center of town where there is a lot of walking traffic,” Elmo said. “There are a lot of things that go on in the center of town with a lot of the events that go on throughout the month. So we just want to introduce that to the citizens and the visitors.”

For more information search "The Dessert Spot" on Facebook. The coffee shop is located at 100 N. College Street in the Rogers Hotel. The hours for the Dessert Spot have not been set at this time.