Teresa Morrow says she survived cancer treatment by the removal of toxins out of her body. The experience led her to open a wellness center dedicated to healing others.

Longevi-T Lymphatics Center for Healing opened its doors Aug. 1 and is conveniently located next to Ann’s Health Food Center and Market in Waxahachie.

"It helps us collaborate our therapies with supplements and lifestyle choices for them [clients]," explained Tiffany Barnes, the office coordinator and lymphatic enhancement therapist.

The mission behind the wellness center is to enhance and support wellness by providing relief, education, support and lasting results. Customers can make appointments for a variety of services and can participate in weekly classes.

"All of our therapies can help anybody. You don't have to be sick in order to benefit from our therapies," Barnes assured.

Morrow shared her personal story behind finding her health after suffering from side effects of cancer treatment five years ago. The key to her ascending health was the treatment of her lymphatic system. She explained that the lymphatic system is a significant part of the immune system.

“It is the most important part of our cardiovascular or circulatory system and what cleanses our blood from harmful toxins. These toxins can create many health problems in a person's body, and chronic disease happens when ignored,” Morrow states on her website.

The lymphatic treatment eliminated her symptoms and took strides to provide therapy to others and became a certified lymphatic enhancement therapist.

The team is comprised of more than seven practitioners that work daily to create the best experience for a client. Barnes couldn't pinpoint the exact number of years of experience the team had all together but said, "because of our background and different knowledge that we have from each modality or therapy that we offer, anybody who is needing help with their health, we can refer back and forth." And the variety of services are all under one roof.


According to the wellness center website, 70 percent of patients who visit a general practice suffer from what is known as a functional disturbance. This occurs when conventional lab work or diagnostic testing cannot identify a specific tissue or organ damage even though a person experiences symptoms.

At the wellness center, Thomas Walker, a bio-energetic testing practitioner, uses the Qest4 system to conduct a bio-energy screening, also known as MSA testing. By using bioenergetics testing, one can identify the body's stress reactions to various domains and help to correct health problems synergistically.


Bodywork therapies include a variety of massages and pressure point services.

Leanne Voosen, a bodywork therapist and energy healer, heads these services.

Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears and gears to alleviate stress. Another service is craniosacral therapy, which addresses the bones of the skull, spinal column and sacrum. This therapy releases compression in those areas to lessen pain and stress.

Another way to reduce pain and discomfort is by Reiki energy healing. This uses a hands-on and hands-off treatment. The Reiki energy healing can help with minor aches to major health concerns, such as heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory and skin problems, according to its website.


Other services include the raindrop and vita flex therapies. Krista Bellows, a raindrop and vita flex therapy technique specialist and aroma freedom technique facilitator, heads this department with Sheree George, an individualized wellness specialist and aroma freedom technique facilitator.

Also on staff is Scott Winter, a Chi Nei Tsang therapist. During this treatment, the muscular, skeletal, endocrine, respiratory and reproductive system respond and can be altered.

Foot detoxes are conducted at the wellness center to extract toxins through the IonCleanse. Denise Humphrey is the ionic cleanse practitioner.

Another highlight is the weekly classes offered at 7 p.m. Meditation classes are on Mondays for $8, Love Yourself Restorative Yoga is on Tuesdays for $10, Aroma Freedom classes are on Wednesdays for $10, and Holy Yoga is on Thursdays for $10.

For more information on other monthly courses and in-depth explanations of services, visit http://www.longevitlymphatics.com/ or call 972-268-9702. Longevi-T Lymphatics Center for Healing is open Monday through Saturday from 8:30 a.m.—7 p.m. To book an appointment online, visit schedulicity.com or call the primary number. Walk-ins are welcome.

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