A Battle of 287 is never complete without a 45-minute sit inside of a vehicle after a 17-mile drive. It's an unfortunate tradition.

The Ennis Police Department hopes to alleviate at least a portion of that wait this year after releasing plans for pre- and post-game travels earlier this week.

"We are expecting a huge crowd, so if you are able to carpool, please do so," the release noted. "Carpooling would ease the headache of not being able to find parking and exiting the stadium after the game."

The release noted the department will have bicycle patrol "out in full force to make sure that no vehicles or buildings are broken in to or vandalized. We will also have multiple agencies assisting in the safety and security of everyone at the game."

The following instructions are from the Ennis Police Department.


•We will have Ennis ISD PD officers directing traffic at all parking entrances. Please pay attention.

•We will have an officer directing traffic at the US-287 and Hwy 34 off ramp.

•Do not park in the fire lane. The Ennis Fire Marshal will be out checking for any fire lane violations.

•The red highlighted areas on the pre-game map are fire lane locations near the stadium. Once again, do not park there.

•The yellow square on the map is restricted as well, do not park there.

•The small parking area located directly behind the press box is reserved. Please do not attempt to park there if you do not have the proper credentials.

•Three gates will be locked throughout the game, do not attempt to enter/exit through there. These gates are highlighted yellow on the map.

•If all parking spots are taken, please be mindful of where you park. Please respect all fire lanes and district property.


•Please be patient when exiting. Officers will be directing traffic at all exits and traffic light intersections in order to get you out as quick as possible. Safety is our number one concern, so we ask that you pay attention when exiting. We have labeled all three exits at Exit A, Exit B and Exit C.

•Those of you exiting from Exit C — located in between Ennis High School and Ennis Junior High School — will be led to Ensign Road. Once you get to Ensign, you will have the option of heading towards US-287 or towards Hwy. 34. If you choose to head towards Hwy. 34, you will not be able to go south on Hwy. 34. Doing so will cause a backup for Exits A and B.

•If you choose to exit from Exit B, you will be directed to turn right, only.

•If you choose to exit from Exit A, you will be directed to turn left, only. This will lead you to US-287.

•We have labeled 4 gates on the map with a yellow bar. These gates will remain closed throughout the game and will help with traffic control. We want to have a steady flow of vehicles exiting one way instead of worrying about different vehicles coming from different directions.

•We have labeled two areas on the map as "no exit." Please do not attempt to go through these roads, you will not be able to exit and will have to turn back around.