The much-discussed A—F accountability ratings were administered by the Texas Education Agency on Wednesday, and Waxahachie ISD received a “B” rating with an overall score of 82 percent. All 13 campuses met the state standard.

During the 85th Texas Legislature, House Bill 22 was passed, which established three domains for measuring the academic performance of districts and campuses: Student Achievement, School Progress and Closing the Gaps.

WISD received a score of 80 in Student Achievement, an 81 for School Progress and an 84 in Closing the Gaps.


WISD received a B rating (80 percent) in the Student Achievement domain. This domain is calculated through the STAAR performance (40 percent), college, career and military readiness (40 percent) and the graduation rate (20 percent). Scores in this domain for elementary and middle schools are only based on the STAAR performance.

The STAAR performance is divided into three categories: masters grade level, meets grade level, and approaches grade level.

Those who qualify for master grade level know the subject well enough to apply those skills in unfamiliar contexts, outside the classroom. Students that meet grade level generally demonstrate the ability to think critically and apply grade-level knowledge in familiar contexts. Students who approach grade level are likely to succeed in the next grade as long as they receive academic intervention.

For WISD, 21 percent of students mastered grade level, 50 percent met grade level and 79 percent approach grade level. The sum of the percentages are then divided by three — the number of categories — and that raw score is converted to a number out of 100. Therefore, the STAAR performance final score is 82 for WISD.


WISD received a B rating of 81 percent in the School Progress domain. This domain measures how much better students performed on the STAAR test this year compared to the previous. It also looks at how much better students are doing academically at the district compared to similar districts.

School Progress is calculated through academic growth and relative performance. Relative performance is gauged by the school’s performance in student achievement and the percentage of economically disadvantaged students.

WISD scored a 71 percent in academic growth and an 81 in relative performance. The state’s raw score for academic growth was 69 percent. Since the district scored higher in relative performance, that score was used as the overall score for School Progress.


In the Closing the Gap domain, WISD checked in with an 84-percent rating. This domain is calculated through the percentage of different groups of students that are performing above state goals in four areas. Those areas are grade-level performance (50 percent), academic growth/graduation rate (10 percent), English language proficiency (10 percent) and student achievement (30 percent).

In grade-level performance, WISD received a 78 percent, meeting 18 out of 23 targets. Academic growth and graduation rate scored 17 percent, meeting one out of six targets. English language proficiency received 100 percent, meeting one out of one targets. Student achievement received 75 percent, meeting six out of eight targets.

Closing the Gaps also looks at the performance of every major group of students that exist — racial/ethnic groups, special education students, economically disadvantaged students and others. Each group is examined and compared to the state goals. The more goals that are met, the higher the score is in that area. The score in each area is then averaged using the weights listed and then is converted to the total score.


The scores received for WISD range from somewhere in the 70s up to the high 90s.

The lowest scoring campus was Waxahachie High School of Choice with a 66. Also toward the bottom was Eddie Finley Junior High with a 74.

Out of the three domains, High School of Choice was only graded in Student Achievement with a 66 percent. The STAAR performance score is 45 and the percentage of students who are prepared for success after high school is 80; also, the graduation rate score was 80 percent.

Finley Junior High School scored the lowest in the Closing the Gap domain with 71 percent. The grade performance level was ranked at 15 percent, meeting 3 out of 20 targets. In the academic growth and graduation rate category, Finley met six out of 20 targets. The campus scored 100 percent in the English language proficiency category, and met 27 percent of goals for the student achievement category.

Three Waxahachie schools also received “A” ratings. Waxahachie Global High School received a score of 98, Margaret L. Felty Elementary received a 94, and Shackelford Elementary received a 92.

Global High received academic achievements in mathematics, English language arts and reading. The campus also ranked top 25 percent in comparative academic growth and comparative Closing the Gap. Global was also recognized for postsecondary readiness.

Felty was recognized for academic achievements in science and postsecondary readiness and also ranked top 25 percent in similar academic growth and comparative Closing the Gap.

Shackelford had academic achievement in mathematics and scored in the top 25 percent in comparative Closing the Gap.

In total, the district received 21 distinctions.

“We are so proud of the hard work that our students and teachers have done over the past year,” said Shelle Blaylock, Assistant Superintendent of Leadership and Academics for Waxahachie ISD. “We continue to see increases in achievement at all levels year over year, and our Board of Trustees and administrators place a high value on the academic achievements of all Waxahachie ISD students. We look forward to seeing our students’ performance over the upcoming school year.”


Other Ellis County ratings included:

Midlothian ISD scored a B rating with an 82 percent Maypearl ISD scored a B rating with an 80 percent Italy ISD scored a B rating with 82 percent Venus ISD scored a C rating with 78 percent Red Oak ISD scored a B with 86 percent Ferris ISD received a D with a 67 percent Ennis ISD received a C rating with a 75 percent Palmer ISD received a B rating with 89 percent Milford and Avalon ISDs met the standard. School   Overall rating STAAR score   Global 98  94  Felty  94  91  Shackelford  92  89  Dunaway  86  77  Marvin  83  77  Northside  79  76  Howard  78  80  Wedgeworth  78  77  Clift  77  77  Waxahachie High  77  76  Finley  74  75  School of Choice  66  45  For more information on the breakdown of ratings of districts and specific campuses log onto txschools.org.

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