Red Oak ISD received a “B” rating with a score of 86 percent, and all seven campuses met the state standard.

Red Oak ISD received a score of 86 in Student Achievement, a 79 for School Progress and an 85 in Closing the Gaps.

In a letter to ROISD staff and parents, Red Oak ISD Superintendent Dr. Michael Goddard wrote, "'Not everything that counts can be counted and not everything that can be counted counts.' This quote speaks to the importance of seeing the student as a whole person and not just simply a test score. We are committed to continuing to do all we can to see each child succeed. A test score is only a small portion of that measure."


ROISD received a B rating of 86 percent in the Student Achievement domain.

This domain is calculated through the STAAR performance (40 percent), college, career and military readiness (40 percent) and the graduation rate (20 percent). Scores in this domain for elementary and middle schools are only based on the STAAR performance.

For ROISD, 20 percent of students are masters grade level, 48 percent meets grade level and 77 percent approaches grade level. The sum of the percentages are then divided by three — the number of categories — and that raw score is converted to a number out of 100. Therefore, the STAAR performance final score is 80 for ROISD.


ROISD received a C rating of 79 percent in the School Progress domain. This domain measures how much better students performed on the STAAR test this year compared to the previous. It also looks at how much better students are doing academically at the district compared to similar districts.

School Progress is calculated through academic growth and relative performance. Relative performance is gauged by the school’s performance in student achievement and the percentage of economically disadvantaged students.

ROISD scored a 76 percent in academic growth and a 79 in relative performance. The state’s raw score for academic growth was 69 percent. Since the district scored higher in relative performance, that score was used as the overall score for School Progress.


For ROISD, the Closing the Gap domain received an 85 percent.

This domain is calculated through the percentage of different groups of students that are performing above state goals in four areas. Those areas are grade-level performance (50 percent), academic growth and graduation rate (10 percent), English language proficiency (10 percent) and student achievement (30 percent).

In grade-level performance, ROISD received a 58 percent, meeting 14 out of 24 targets. Academic growth and graduation rate scored 67 percent, meeting four out of six targets. English language proficiency received 100 percent, meeting one out of one targets. Student achievement received 100 percent, meeting eight out of eight targets.


The scores received for ROISD campuses range from the high 60s into the 80s.

The lowest scoring campus was Russell P Schupmann Elementary with a 67. Also toward the bottom is Shields Elementary with a 75.

The School Progress domain affected Schupmann the most with a score of 59. Both the academic growth and relative performance scored a 59. Also, only a few targets were met within the Closing the Gap domain. For academic growth and graduation rate, the campus met three out of 14 targets, and the campus only met 20 percent of the targets for student achievement.

For Shields, the School Progress domain affected the total score. Both the academic growth and relative performance scored a 67.

Both Red Oak High School and Red Oak Elementary scored the highest with 85s. Red Oak Elementary also was recognized in the top 25 percent for comparative academic growth; and, ROHS received academic achievements in mathematics, science, social studies and also ranked top 25 percent in Comparative Closing the Gaps.

Red Oak Middle received academic achievements in mathematics and social studies. Eastridge Elementary was recognized in mathematics, science, postsecondary readiness and was ranked top 25 percent in comparative Closing the Gaps.

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