Waxahachie firefighters will welcome a new member to the department in the next few weeks, as the latest Waxahachie Fire Department engine is anticipated to enter service with the city Aug. 17.

Waxahachie Fire Chief Ricky Boyd stated the regular use of an engine puts a lot of wear and tear on the equipment over the years.

“The normal life cycle for an engine in frontline service is about 10 years. By the time we get it and replace it will roughly be 12 years old,” Boyd said. “Just the age, mileage and wear and tear that we put on them we have to replace them. This is just a life cycle replacement.”

Boyd stated, once in service, the old engine will be placed in reserve, and the current reserve will be retired. The retired engine will either be sold back to the dealer or at an auction.

The department’s new engine, a 2018 Pierce Dash CF PUC, has features that mirror engine three, which went into service several years ago. These features include LED lighting and tool storage trays that roll out for easier access. The cost of the vehicle and its equipment is $820,000.

Before making its way to Waxahachie, the engine will be showcased at the Fire-Rescue International Conference and Expo, held Aug. 8-11 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas.

According to the conference’s website, the event provides education for fire and emergency service leaders from around the globe. It also features hundreds of exhibitors who display the latest fire service innovations that include apparatuses, technology, equipment, and gear.

“Our engine was picked to be on display for others to look at. So that is a pretty nice thing,” Boyd said. “It indicates that our design is a good design. It is nice for our department and our city.”

Boyd said after the show the engine will be taken back to Cedar Hill to complete its outfitting. All of the equipment will be mounted on the vehicle at that time. Training on the new apparatuses will be done in-house before it enters service.