A Facebook page led to the identification and later arrest of a Red Oak man wanted in connection with the assault of a Midlothian resident.

Midlothian Police arrested Brandon Dwayne Rich, 24 on Friday. Rich has been charged with aggravated assault and aggravated kidnapping.

Capt. John Spann, Midlothian Police PIO, stated the offense took place June 14 in the 500 block of Meandering Way.

“The suspect came over to the victim’s house saying that he owed him additional money for some narcotics that had been purchased,” Spann said. “The victim stated, ‘I paid you what I owed you.’ At that time the suspect told him, ‘Come with me.’ He walked him out to his truck, and this time no assault or anything had taken place.”

Spann stated there was a second suspect in the back seat of the truck.

Rich kept going on about how much the victim owed him, which was around $1,000. The victim told Rich he didn’t have the money, but he could get it from his grandmother.

“During them waiting to get in touch with his grandmother, the suspect struck the victim with a handgun in the face,” Spann said. “Once he got off the phone with his grandmother, that is when they pulled him out of the truck. They proceeded to punch and kick him.”

Spann stated they didn’t take any money from the victim but did commandeer a new iPhone that was valued at $800. The suspects never pointed weapons at him, but they both displayed them to the victim.

“After the pulled him out of the truck and assaulted him, they got back into the truck and just left him there,” Spann said. “At that point, he got up and ran home and called the police.”

Spann stated, through their investigation, officers were able to identify Rich from his Facebook page.

“The Facebook page was instrumental in getting a positive identification,” Spann explained. “The victim had dealt with him before but didn’t really know him. He was able to identify him through a nickname or what he went by. When they found the Facebook page, he was able to say, 'that is the guy.'”

Spann added that following the identification, a warrant was obtained and executed on Friday. Rich was taken into custody without incident. Police are still working to identify the second suspect who is described as a black male.

Rich was booked into the Midlothian City Jail on Friday and later transferred to the Wayne McCollum Detention Center in Waxahachie on Saturday. He was booked in at 4:28 a.m. As of Wednesday Rich remains in custody at the detention center with bonds totaling $200,000.

People with information about the offense can contact the Midlothian Police Department at 972-775-3333. The police department is located at 1150 U.S. Highway 67 in Midlothian.