To the Editor,

What do you envision when the expression, "might as well be talking to a wall," comes to mind? If you raised teenagers, you often find yourself in that position with different mindsets. Usually, the elder speaks from experience and the teen feels "smarter" than the adult. Maybe the parent doesn't understand new age logic. Feels like you are "talking to a wall." til they someday mature and then might agree.

How come someone doesn't believe what you do spiritually? Lord knows there are hundreds of religious thoughts, isms, and bible interpretations. Does it dry you batty when one sect emphatically claims salvation from a Bible, the Quoran, or Hindu chants, or Atheism, claim their view of undying faith? Sure can be frustrating when you realize others do not share your devotions, just like "talking to a wall." Maybe we should stand before the Wailing Wall and pray for divine consultations.

Does it drive you nuts that there are divisions in political views? Are both rights valid? Perhaps it depends which side of the fence, or wall you stand on. Having an open forum like in ancient Rome or Greece or today's U.N. could offer open debate and hopefully solutions. Does this exist in higher educational institutions like decades ago? Certainly, not on Capitol Hill and not evident in diverse media coverage. Does it matter who's right or wrong, or neither? Should we be content to remain silent and just "talk to a wall?" The louder or more vicious we rant will that prove our stance more valid? I don't think so. Here's one possible solution to just talking to a wall: support your views and insights, with examples, proof of accusations, and possible solutions. If not, then you are just "talking to a wall."

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie