To the Editor,

Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to the Supreme Court. It is time for confirmation by the U. S. Senate.

Judge Kavanaugh has great experience. He served for over 10 years in the D.C. Circuit US Court of appeals. This is the second highest court in the land. His reputation is first rate both in his judicial record and his reputation.

He is an All-American and truly devoted to his country. His 25-year service includes Associate Independent Counsel, Associate White House Counsel and Assistant to President George W. Bush following the September 11th terrorist attacks.

We got to see what a loving husband and father Kavanaugh is at his nomination. He coaches his daughter’s soccer team and you could see the sweet connection he has to his daughters and wife.

Judge Kavanaugh understands that his role is to faithfully interpret the law not to legislate from the bench. He is unquestionably prepared for this critically important task. He is precisely the judge the president promised and exactly what the American people deserve.

Thank you!

Sylvia Coulson, Waxahachie