Facing 25 years to life, Noe Lozano Castillo, 38, accepted an agreement from the Ellis County and District Attorney’s Office of 40 years.

On July 18, the Ennis resident pled guilty to two charges of assault of a family or household member with previous conviction. Castillo’s trial was underway in the 40th Judicial District Court when he requested an agreement to made with prosecutors.

Russell Jones, Assistant District Attorney, stated Ennis Police Officers were dispatched to the home on Oct. 8, 2017, in the 1000 block of East Burnett Street after receiving a call from a neighbor.

“A next-door neighbor reported that a lady showed up at her door covered in blood," Jones shared.

The woman at the door was saying, “Help me, help me,'” Jones relayed. “She invited the lady into her house and gave her a towel to wipe herself off. The next-door neighbor said the lady said, ‘My husband attacked me.’”

Jones stated police then went to the victim’s residence. After knocking on the door and receiving no response from Castillo, law enforcement entered through the back door. Castillo was found sitting in the bathroom with his son in his arms.

“They were able to get him to agree to let the son go. The female officer took the son outside and got him out of harm's way. They proceeded to arrest the suspect who turned out to be Noe Castillo,” Jones said. “He gave some passive resistance but otherwise was arrested without incident.”

Jones explained police found bloody clothing in the master bedroom that had belonged to Castillo. Police photographed the home and the victim’s injuries. After being checked out by medical personnel at the scene, the victim refused transport to the hospital.

Jones stated Castillo had prior criminal history and incidents of domestic violence.

Judge Bob Carroll ruled on Tuesday the events of an earlier alleged assault could be presented to the jury to express the reality of Castillo’s and the victim’s relationship. The alleged offense took place in February 2017, and its trial was still pending.

“The ruling at this trial based on the code of criminal procedure 38.371," Jones stated. "It allows us to introduce additional evidence of previous incidents of abusive behavior to prove the nature of their relationship."

Jones stated before the plea agreement was reached they were going to introduce more than 1,000 phone calls along with a video visitation video into evidence. In those calls, Castillo asked the victim not to testify or to lie on the stand. He also requested Ennis Police officers not to testify in court. In one conversation Castillo said, “I should have killed you (the victim).”

Jones stated the plea agreement not only protects the community but the victim from further abuse.

“This particular plea bargain means a lot. We pride ourselves on protecting our community. Sometimes that means protecting them from themselves. In this case, we had an uncooperative victim,” Jones said. “While she was being abused both verbally and physically by this defendant she still loved him and stood by her man till the very end. Our concern was the very end would come a lot sooner if we would have allowed this conduct to continue.”

Castillo pled guilty to the charge of assault of a family or household member with previous conviction. He also pled guilty to the February 2017 charge of assault of a family or household member with a previous conviction and received 20 years. Both sentences will run concurrently. Castillo will be eligible for parole once a quarter of his sentence is served.

Jones stated he would like to thank the members of the Ennis Police Department for their hard work, diligence, and professionalism in this case.