To the Editor,

It has been argued, as we shall soon see, that to be a good citizen here in our fair city that one needs to be one of the dominate belief or even subscribe to one particular dogma in order to contribute correctly to the welfare of our city. Yet, in reality, it is just the opposite. For it takes each of us, whatever our politics or religion or even our shoe size for crying out loud, to realize what Waxahachie is and what it shall be. Will we be a fortress of imported values and pre- prescribed vision some under the guise of protecting us deem as necessary for our future growth supported by the wealth and opinions of a few? Or shall we reach out to all, shutting our mouths and listening to what others are saying, even if it's contrary to what we think, in order to achieve a consensus organic to our community?

Therein lies the true definition of civil involvement, of a place where the people decide what is best for themselves rather than being told by a few who claim to speak for our community while demanding us to adhere to their proclamations of divisiveness and self centered propaganda.

This is our Waxahachie. It belongs to each one of us regardless of our economic status, our political affiliations, our religions or even our degree of civic participation. No one voice is more, or less, as important than any other. And yes, it also belongs to those who will cast others onto classifications of their own design, and that they claim to be the true voice of our town. So we should listen to it also. But it singularly is not the reality. Unless we allow it.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie