A new barber is in town and is on a mission to eliminate the daily struggle men face when it comes to managing their beards or mustaches. Beard Commander takes personal grooming to a whole new level with its skilled staff and products that can make a guy stand out.

The company was founded in 2011 as an online retailer with a variety of grooming products. In seven years the company’s customer base expanded across the country, as well as, internationally.

Scott Osiier, Beard Commander Owner, expressed he wanted to become invested in the community, which lead him to open up a store and barbershop in Waxahachie. The shop allowed Osiier to have a more personal connection with the people the company serves each day.

“We felt like we were fairly established online and had a really big draw and good customer support,” Osiier elaborated. “One of the things was that we wanted to be a bigger part in the community. I felt like to do that we really needed to be more committed and invested.”

Oiiser stated a storefront showcases that commitment to the community.


Walking into the shop, customers are greeted by with a giant mural featuring a bearded skull wearing a Beard Commander ball cap behind a backdrop of red and white stripes. Next to the product display is the barber chair and a vintage coke machine.

“We worked really hard to bring something that is a little bit different that isn’t just white painted walls or plain Jane but also not super cluttered,” Osiier explained. “The mural is a really cool piece and is kind of the focal point for us in the shop. We just want to have some cool things that were classy and kind of classic, but still manly.”

Osiier stated the functionality of the store allows people to sample the merchandise offered before a customer makes a purchase to determine which product will fit their needs. Some of the products include beard washes and conditioners, mustache wax, beard oil, and balms.

“I felt like that (trying before you buy) is an important factor because in today’s world you want to make sure you know what you are getting before you spend the money,” Osiier suggested. “People can come any day of the week and try the products out and see if we have something new.”

Osiier believes mustache and beard care should be a task that is easy and an enjoyable — not a chore. He hopes to provide that experience not only with the grooming products but while a client is in the barber chair.

To get a haircut, beard, mustache trim, or straight razor shave people can book an appointment through an app called “The Cut.” Haircuts are $25, and a combined haircut and beard trim is $45. Each service comes with a choice of a beverage. Customers can search for Beard Commander on the app and create a login. People can also make appointments by calling the shop at 214-980-1133. Appointments are required beforehand due to Beard Commander’s barber working in a part-time capacity.

“We have adult beverages, and we also have water and some other things. Most people go with the adult beverage,” Osiier relayed. “A lot of them enjoy that when they are getting their haircut. They can take a load off and get into relaxation mode and not worry about what is outside the door for the next 30 minutes to an hour.”

Osiier stated the barber, Dustin Slayton, along with himself can provide customers with advice on how to keep their beard looking its best.

“A lot of people don’t understand that the beard shape is the thing. Some people like to taper it down to a point. Some guys want a wider beard,” Osiier informed. “So Dustin is going to ask you different questions to understand what it is that you are wanting to do and the look that you are going for and then offer options and suggestions.”

Oiiser stated since they have opened their doors they have had a great response from the community.

“Lot of people have been interested in the barber services, and that has been a great blessing for us,” Oiiser expressed. “We are very excited about the opportunity to be here and help the community in any way that we can.”

Beard Commander is open from 10 a.m. — 6 p.m. Monday — Friday, and 10 a.m. — 2 p.m. Saturday. The storefront is located at 405 W. Madison Street in downtown Waxahachie. For more information go to the website at www.beardcommander.com.