To the Editor,

Congratulations to El Mexicano Grill which has had such success in the Downtown Area that they are able to open a second location to the north. They have been very busy and are an excellent addition to the Downtown business scene.

The article included a picture of Mr. and Mrs. Galvan enjoying a meal there. Mr. Galvan is quoted as saying the new location "—is more appealing because there is no parking downtown and there's a big parking lot here."

In fact, there is a 3-story parking garage just across the street, 60 feet from the front door of El Mexicano Grill. There are a total of about 1,250 parking spots in the Downtown Area available free for all.

Follow the "Parking" signs and find out what other surprises are available around the Courthouse Square. You will be very pleased.

John Hamilton, Waxahachie