Members of the Red Oak City Council unanimously approved a zoning change and preliminary plat plan for a 511-home development that includes a $1 million city park at Monday's meeting.

Casey Hargrove presented the plans and details of the proposed 167-acre Oakmont Park housing development to the council, which will be located at the northeast corner of Ovilla Road and State Highway 342.

“Tonight’s consideration is for the residential area only. The commercial development will be discussed later," explained Red Oak City Manager Todd Fuller.

Hargrove added, "This plan has many elements of the park proposed by the city during a recent bond hearing. The bond proposed by the city failed. This park will be built at no cost to the city. Once completed, it will be dedicated to the city.

“Elements of the park includes paved parking for the park itself with a gravel overflow parking area, playground with play equipment, paved one-mile walking and biking trail, splash pool, four under eight soccer fields and three under 10 soccer fields," Hargrove continued. "There is nothing in the way of parks on the east side of the city."

According to Hargrove, the 8.5-acre park will cost the development company approximately $1 million to build.

Before approving the zoning change, the council considered other elements of the development.

The Oakmont Park development was previously planned for 534 lots, which was reduced to 511 at about 50 feet wide. There will also be no rear alleys.

“We feel with no rear alleys, we will be able to offer a larger backyard that many people are looking for,” Hargrove said.

Hargrove requested the council to amend a City of Red Oak Planning and Zoning request for 1,800-square-foot minimum house footprint, and, instead, allow for the homes to be constructed around 1,750 square feet to allow the builders more floorplan options.

The request was approved.

Fuller told the council, this development will break from previous development requirement of having a homeowners' association.

“There will be a PID, Public Improvement District. With recent legislation regulating homeowners associations, a PID will be a better deal for the homeowner and the city," Fuller explained. "Instead of paying HOA dues, an assessment will be made that will be a part of the homeowner’s city tax. These fees will maintain the common areas as well as the park."


A public hearing for another zoning change to allow for the construction of an age-restricted and gated neighborhood with both single family and townhome-type dwellings was heard by the council. However, no action was taken on the proposed Oakhill Crossing project that would also include a commercial area during a later phase.

The proposed area for the development — south of The Oaks Church — is partially within both the Red Oak and Waxahachie city limits.

“First, we will have to look at the plat plan to make sure city limit lines do not go through any dwelling lots. Next, Waxahachie has different requirements as far as elevations and design criteria," Fuller stated. "We will have to get with them to work through these and other issues so the community will have a uniform look."

Following an executive session, the council unanimously approved a land purchase by the Red Oak Economic Development Corporation. The land is located between the lake by Red Oak City Hall and the service road of Interstate Highway-35.

The purchase price for the 1.337 acres is $195,000.

“We already owned the lot to the north," Fuller said. "This will give us a continuous tract for future development."

Following the department reports, Ray Silva-Reyes, Public Works and Community Development Director, submitted his resignation to the council. “It is with deep regret that I submit my resignation," Silva-Reyes said. "The City of Red Oak has been very good to me. However, I have accepted the position of Public Works Director for the City of Colleyville."

Fuller stated Silva-Reyes has been a "good worker and has the highest work ethic anyone could have. We will miss him and wish him the best of luck in his new position."