To the Editor,

Illegal can be moral; immoral cannot be legal. Where does the immigration quagmire fit in? Which side of illegal immigration is the dilemma. One side capitalizes on exaggerated words like cruelty, child abuse, indecency, and inhumanity, and insert images of terrorism, dog kennels and Nazi family separation, pictorial drama to the max, with a Red, White, and Blue Banner attached.

Certainly, it has to be President Trump"s 0 policy that must be shamed! Another policy, a case for the resistance to explode. So, is there a rationale that uses logic and kindness to support this *Presidents's "atrocity?"

First, recall Trump's initial campaign policy... America First. Should Our children and their needs be recognized First, with limited tax funds, for their welfare, in health, education, shelter, nutrition, and protections? And since we are a kind and just people, we DO extend excellent care to refugees plights, perhaps even better than our own juvenile citizens. Unfortunately, some dismiss that we are a nation of laws and preferred secure borders. It is an insult to law abiders in America to support illegal activity, and even illegal immigrants have a legal path offered to them. I am anxious to hear from Trump bashers how to control the massive influx of refugees, without the 0 tolerance policy. Or can we agree this opposition is a disguise for open borders and 0 protection policy for our citizens?

Who can blame outsiders from desiring to enter America? Is it their fault that scrupulous funds are amassed to pay for lawyers and coyotes to encourage illegal infiltration? Foreigners often hear or see the quality treatment, food, lodging, health care, transportation, provided freely to them, at citizens expense, once they enter, illegally, into the Promised Land. Most conscientious parents understand Tough Love, when hard decisions are necessary under uncontrolled circumstances. Trump's 0 tolerance was akin. Out of 12,000, most, 10,000 were unaccompanied teens, the rest, like American Children, woefully separated from parents whose decision was to break our laws. Are illegals to be treated better than our citizens? What Logic is that? What Kindness and Respect is directed to **************President Trump as he actually follows our laws in existence? Whom is obstructing Congress from revising immigration laws? Either we abide legally or we adopt immorality. There is NO SHAME in the former, but is, in the later.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie