To the Editor,

Liberals need to have some bread & cheese with that incessant whine! You libbies can't stand that Trump uses the law to do things he is allowed to. You whine about his bankruptcies, his taxes he circumvented, that he didn't serve in the military, etc., etc. And yet he did NOTHING illegal. BTW, I didn't know that Obummer served in the military, but you could see he didn't when he saluted [with his left hand] the Marine guarding AF1 as he was deplaning while holding a cup of coffee in his right hand. Obama was a huge embarrassment that the ultra-libbies, such as yourself, hold so high in esteem. Oh yes, and our Pres. Trump will NEVER bow before a Mid-East Islamic leader and/or dishonor the US. Hail to the Chief!

Peter Stern