Residents expressed their concerns over a new cottage-style home development at Monday’s city council meeting. The development of the 73 homes is located in the 800 block of Cantrell Street.

Homes range in size from 965 square feet to 1,725 square feet with four floor-plan options. Detached garages are also close to the residence. Each of the cluster homes shares a building — known as a carriage house —that ranges in size from 650-750 square feet. The carriage house provides a space for community gatherings and private events.

Resident Jennie Hayes told the council she is worried about how the development will affect and shape the area in the future.

“I don’t have a problem with the concept, but that is one of the most historical areas in town. We need to maintain that feel,” Jennie Hayes said. “When you go on Cantrell it has an 'I am home, country feel.' I would hate for that to be destroyed by this development.”

Resident Judge Hayes expressed his fear that the development will add to an already bad traffic problem by increasing congestion.

“Unless we have concerted effort to stop the speeding on Cantrell, I don’t know how adding more than 70 residents will help to solve the problem," Judge said.

Hayes added that vehicles traveling along Cantrell already range in speeds from 40-50 mph, which is well over the currently posted 30 mph.

Resident Gina Moore told the council she fears the cottage home development is going to cause the neighborhood to lose its unique character.

“We are upset about it (the development), but it could be a whole lot worse,” Moore said.

Moore stated she came from a neighborhood in Dallas where the unique character was lost after developers came in and worked.

Blain Vinson, Aspen Community Development, stated the impact on the area will be small.

“It is important to know that 33 percent of these homes will be single (residences) and could be occupied by people such as young professionals," Vinson said. "This is a marginal increase in traffic and the people that will live there will only have one vehicle. So it is a minuscule increase in traffic."

Vinson stated they would like to work with the city is to construct a pedestrian bridge from the development into Bullard Park to help revitalize that area.

"There is a park fee that is imposed upon us," Vinson said. "So we are asking that those fees be used for that park and increases the trail system to it."

Members of the city council approved the zoning change for the Aspen Community Development. The change is from a single family-three zoning district to a planned development-SF-three with a concept plan.