Customers have come to know The Vault Smokehouse for its flavorful foods, rustic décor, and a staff that makes a person feel right at home. All of those elements have contributed to the restaurant’s success, and a new chapter in its story is about to begin.

On Aug. 1, The Vault will open at a new location at 207 S.College Street in downtown Waxahachie. The move from its present spot on West Madison is due to the planned viaduct replacement project.

Money Salmon, co-owner, stated the Texas Department of Transportation informed her about the project and suggested they start looking for a new location.

“Our heart was to stay downtown because we love our downtown community. So we have been looking since March,” Salmon said. “One of our friends contacted us and said ‘you might what to check out the (former) T. Beresford store. We looked at it, and we talked to the landlord, and we were able to make it work.”

Work is underway to transform the former retail space into a restaurant. The kitchen is being built, and grease traps are being installed. Salmon’s husband, Jason, who is the pitmaster for the restaurant, is installing the barbeque pit inside the building. The last day of operations at the Madison location is July 29.

“They are currently working on the new location right now with the decor and all the behind the scenes stuff,” Salmon explained. “All we have to do is to move refrigeration and tables over there and start our business.”

The location change will see the menu expanded with several new sides, meats and entrees. Those menu items are still being worked out.

“We want our customers to feel like they are at a home away from home. We want them to come in and feel welcomed,” Salmon said. “We want them to love the atmosphere they are in and feel good about each purchase that they make.”

The operations at The Vault also go to help support the Salmon’s youth outreach ministry, Fulfilled House, which is a youth rec center. The center is located at 500 Cantrell Street near downtown and features a 24-hour prayer room, recreational room, creative arts room, kitchen and a food pantry.

Salmon stated conversations and relationships she has made with people and the experience she gained is what she cherishes the most.

“We are going to miss this place. We are forever thankful for the door that this placed opened up for our business. It was our home away from home,” Salmon said. “This was the place that got it all started for us.”

Salmon shared she is excited about the change and what it is going to bring.

“We are moving at a time when we are at our peek, and that can be a little bit overwhelming at times,” Salmon said. “I am going to miss just the look and the feel of this place. Our prayer is that we can duplicate that at the new location.”

The Vault will also expand its hours after the Aug. 1 move and will now be open on Tuesdays. The new hours will be 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. Tuesday – Saturday and 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Sundays.