To the Editor,

It is not a matter of the legality of immigration. It is as matter of the morality of our response. There is no excuse, no rational that can support the blatant cruelty being applied to children of illegal immigrants by our government. It is nothing but child abuse, not any less so by wrapping in our flag.

It has been reported that the purpose of the annoyance of common decency is to provide a deterrent, a warning to those seeking refuge in our country. At one point severed heads on pikes outside the gates served that purpose. Are we heading in a direction where our indecency and inhumanity to children, however they are here or why, is what we will use to solve the immigration situation? Or will we our logic and kindness achieve the same end?

Yes, something must be done. Putting terrorized children in kennels after ripping away the only security they have ever known is the wrong answer. Changing the laws to accommodate families remaining as such while controlling the influx of refugees will help.

We are a kind and just people. The *President's policy at the border that is an insult to everything good about our country is neither.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie