The City of Waxahachie is taking steps to upgrade its water system with improvements that will provide redundancy in the event of a failure. The Waxahachie City Council approved the $414,000 contract Monday evening with Kimley-Horn, who will provide engineering and design services for the upgrade project.

Tommy Ludwig, Executive Director of Development Services, stated the project updates the out-of-date high service pump station, motor control center and switchgear. It replaces the existing electrical control building.

The project also installs emergency backup generators at the Howard Road Water Treatment Plant high-service pump station and the Lake Waxahachie raw-water pump station two.

“Currently neither the Howard Road water treatment plant high-service pump station nor the Lake Waxahachie raw-water pump station No. 2 have a backup power supply,” stated Ludwig in a memo, “Without this redundancy in place, if power is lost the high service pump station cannot send a sufficient amount of treated water into the city’s distribution system.”

Ludwig explained raw-water pump station one does not have the capacity to meet the peak demands during summer months but does when station two is in operation.

According to Kimley-Horn’s website, the company provides environmental engineering planning, structural engineering, water and wastewater utilities, community planning, and community infrastructure resilience.

Ludwig stated the project would ensure power is always available to avoid any disruption in service.

Certificate of obligation bonds will fund the project. The bonds will be sold before the end of the fiscal year.