The Waxahachie City Council approved a zoning request to allow for the construction of The Mark on 287 apartment complex and a tax-abatement agreement for the proposed Buc-ee's during the regular Monday night meeting.

The complex will be located east of the new Waxahachie High School.

Builder Chris Acker told the council the school district did object to the development at first. But, by revising the design and providing a right-of-way dedication, the WISD officials are now in support of the plan.

“We have been working with the school district for about a month to revise our plan,” Acker said. “If we would have continued the plan as presented it would have eliminated a north and south connection.”

Acker stated the new plan calls for a four-lane divided thoroughfare, similar to North Grove Boulevard with the same landscaped median.

The complex will have 140 units that are spread out over five buildings. The look is similar to The Mark on Solon that is currently under construction. Construction is projected to start in six months.

The council also approved a developer agreement with Buc-ee’s convenience store. The 53,254 square foot store is planned to be built on the southwest corner of Interstate Highway 35E and Butcher Road.

Under the 10 year agreement, Buc-ee’s will have 70 percent of its sales tax returned, $500,00 in impact fees rebated and will be assisted up to $500,000 to develop roads.

Council member Chuck Beatty stated these projects are much needed.

“These are things that we greatly need. Where we were going with the housing and development we don’t want to price anybody out of Waxahachie,” Beatty said. “With Buc-ee’s, it helps with our economic development.”

Council member Mary Lou Shipley shared Beatty’s enthusiasm about new developments.

“I’m excited about Buc-ee’s coming into the city,” Shipley said. “It is going to make the city more of a destination.”

Council member Melissa Olson stated with the growth coming into the city that she wants to make sure it unfolds correctly. She noted development’s like Buc-ee’s “will be a good development for Waxahachie.”

Mayor Kevin Strength stated the apartments will create additional housing options for residents and noted the city has about 90 percent occupancy rate on apartments.

“One good thing about the apartments at the high school is that it will open up development in that area and they are of good quality,” Strength said. “The bedrooms are limited to two, and they are not going to be taxing on the school district, and they are also putting in roads that we need,” Strength added.

Strength stated Buc-ee’s would help grow the area where is going to be located and bring in other development to the community.