To the Editor,

And we now see why participation in our city government is important. Those who complain about apartments being built because they weren't aware of it really have no basis. If their houses weren't built yet and they were lied to by those who sold them their homes about zoning, the problem lies there, not with the city.

I understand their frustrations. I also applaud their trying to change things and their concerns about traffic and safety. Yet those arguments were also valid when their neighborhoods were being planned and discussed and of concern to those already living in area. It's a constant argument.

We do have a need for apartments. Rental housing in Waxahachie is at a premium and often out of price for a lot of people moving to our fair city or already living here. Yet nobody wants them in their neighborhoods. So, do we become a town of only home ownership or one where we welcome those who need a place to live and maybe be able to purchase one here later on? Do we banish them to areas exclusive to apartment or let them live among us in the many great areas of town we presently enjoy and call home?

Growth is going to happen. We cannot stop it. Yet we can hopefully control where and how it will happen. But that takes our involvement and making sure our voices are heard. Before, not after the fact. Nobody's fault but mine.

Alan Fox, Waxahachie