To the Editor,

Congress is hashing out the next budget. Disappointingly, many legislators are once again trying to use the budget to sneak in harmful repeals of and changes to consumer protections. For example, one policy proposal added to the budget, as a so-called “rider,” would keep the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from holding companies like Wells Fargo, Equifax, and predatory payday lenders accountable when they cheat us. Why use the budget for matters unrelated to spending? Because repeals and changes to important protections can’t pass on their own. But if they’re added to the budget, which must be passed to fund our government and avoid another shutdown, members of Congress might feel the pressure to let them slide in an election year. Hopefully, the entire Texas Congressional delegation will stand up for a clean budget that sticks to spending, which after all is the purpose of a budget.


Jordan Leatherwood TexPIRG