The Waxahachie Police Department recently celebrated the promotion of new leaders into its ranks.

Rob Best was promoted to lieutenant and will serve as the city’s emergency management coordinator. Steven Sanders was promoted to sergeant, and Chance Huckabee to corporal. Lt. Marcus Brown was elevated to head the department’s criminal investigative division.

Police Chief Wade Goolsby stated he is excited about what these officers will bring in their new leadership roles.

“It is always an exciting time for individuals in the department but for the different divisions that they are assigned to,” Wade said. “We are seeing people that are moving up in the organization that brings new energy and perspective to the department that maybe was not there before.”

Brown takes over from Lt. Todd Woodruff, who retired in May after more than 26 years with the department. The criminal investigations division investigates crimes against persons, property and fraud crimes. Brown has served as the city’s emergency management coordinator for the past five years.

“I look forward to serving the citizens and doing them a good job and getting the experience along the way,” Brown said. “We have a fantastic criminal investigations unit. These folks are incredibly talented. They are the cream of the crop, and I am happy to be here working with them."

Best takes over for Brown as the city’s new emergency management coordinator. He supervises the activities of the emergency management services department and plans and prepares for any crisis the town might undergo in the future.

“Marcus came in and started from scratch and developed it into a fully federally funded program," Best said. "I hope to take it and grow it from there."

Sanders stated he looks forward to the new challenges the role of sergeant. As a sergeant, he oversees the operations of patrol shift to make sure everything runs smoothly.

“The big (responsibility) is making sure the officers are doing the right thing and that they are operating safely," Sanders said. "Making sure we are doing what we have to do to go home safely.

Huckabee shared Sanders enthusiasm about the job and looks forward to what lies ahead.

“Being promoted to corporal I am a first line supervisor for a patrol shift. I am excited about the change it brings,” Huckabee said. I hope I do a good job for the community.”