Heart of Texas Animal Rescue actively impacts the local furry community. Its efforts were recognized, and now a steel mill has stepped in to aid the nonprofit's membership with the Midlothian Chamber of Commerce.

On June 1, volunteers, animal foster parents, Gerdau employees and chamber personnel gathered at Gerdau for a ribbon cutting for the animal rescue.

Tommy Blake, the ambassador chair for the chamber referenced, Maryland Jones, the founder of the rescue as an "excellent advocate for dogs."

Blake continued, "This reminds me of the saying, 'Be the change you want in your community of society,' and Maryland epitomizes that and thank you for everything you do."

The Midlothian Chamber of Commerce presented Jones with an official plaque after the ribbon cutting.

"We just can't thank Gerdau enough," Jones expressed. "They have been our angel."

She explained Gerdau is active in fundraising and has donated a storage room full of valuable items.

"You make everything possible and helping us be more visible to the community. First, our passion is to find a place for these animals," Jones advocated. "Every day there is another animal in danger. So this helps us pull them out of the shelter and keeping them from being euthanized, give to fosters and get adopted. Thank you, thank you, thank you very much."

Ryan Hube, human resources at Gerdau, said, "I think it's important for us to be active in the whole community and Heart of Texas approached us through Tammie, and it seemed like a really good cause, and they are doing a lot for the animals in this area and seemed like a natural fit for us."

Ashley Ford | @aford_news | 469-517-1450