The University Interscholastic League Legislative Council met Tuesday to make decisions on proposed rule changes in UIL academics, athletics, music and policy.

In athletics, the council approved the strengthening of penalties for players who are ejected from a contest, modified scrimmage start dates for baseball and softball. The board also changed fall practice regulations and spring training for football.

Additionally, the council approved a proposal to extend the pilot program that allows an exception for broadcasts of UIL events. This will enable the UIL to approve one Friday night for a telecast of a regular season football game or games.

Once approved by the Commissioner of Education, all changes go into effect Aug. 1.


Due to an "increasing number of player ejections," the committee passed stricter automatic penalties to counter the issue.

A player ejected from a football game will now miss the rest of that game plus the first half of the next contest. Players ejected from other sports, except for soccer, will miss the remainder of the match plus the next game. The motion did not alter the penalties for soccer ejections.


The committee altered the start date for baseball and softball seasons to reflect "the date set forth by the UIL calendar. It was previously the 18th Monday before each respective state tournament.

The two sports can also now play two games before Friday in a three-game playoff series.


The committee added four days to the calendar for spring practice, which allows for schools to conduct 18 practices over a 34-day period.

The acclimatization period, which does not allow for padded practices, for fall practice is now five days, as opposed to four. Players are allowed to wear helmets, shoulder pads and padded girdles (shells) on day three and four but cannot contact another player until day five.

The UIL may also now authorize one live Friday night telecast of a regular season football game or game.

"Both schools involved in any game to be broadcast must consent before being broadcast," the amendment notes. "[...] This should have no fiscal impact to member schools, with those involved in any broadcast potentially being compensated."

All rule changes approved by the Legislative Council can be found on the UIL website at