Three years is a long time to wait for a clean glass of water, but that has been the reality for Jacob Moore and his family.

With no solution to stabilize the quality of water brought into his Waxahachie house, Jacob posted a video on Facebook Tuesday evening showing brown, cloudy water filling his bathtub.

Jacob stated the final straw came after he began to run water for a bath for his two daughters. He left the bathroom for a short time only to find it filled with the murky liquid.

“There were a lot of suspended solids. It was muddy, sandy, and smelled like sulfur, and rotten eggs,” Jacob explained. In his opinion, the discolored and dirty water is due to leaks "all over the area" serviced by the Carroll Water Company along Mesa Road in Waxahachie.
The neighborhoods affected — Spanish Grant and Grande Casa — are located just west of Lakeview Camp between FM 1446 and 66.

Jacob stated the Carroll Water System has weekly leaks and service is cut off without notice several times during most months. When he has inquired about issues in the past, Jacob reported he received no answers from an what he labels an uncaring staff.

“When we call the water company to tell them what is going on they either laugh at us, hang up, tell us they are working on it, or they fixed it,” Jacob said. “It is 2018, and we live in America. It should not be an issue.”

Jacob showed the Daily Light a sample of water taken from his tap Wednesday morning that was cloudy with easily visible suspended particles floating inside. Looking closely he stated the “water has a chlorine odor.”

During his three years on Mesa Road, Jacob said he has never received a notice about work being done on the system or to boil water.

Jacob stated Carroll Water did set up a Facebook page for notices but stopped acting as its administrator. Residents now regularly use it to keep people informed about water issues.

To combat the water issue the family uses bottled water for everything because they don’t trust the water quality from day to day. On average, Jacob spends about $150 a month for bottled water, in addition to the $35 utility bill.

As an occupational health and safety specialist with the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Jacob has worked to address various water, sanitation, and environmental concerns. He never thought he would have to deal with it at home.

“There is an opportunity to move away with my job, and we are considering that now," Jacob said. "I would love to stay. I have built roots here, and our family is all here."

Jacob’s wife, Stephanie Moore, stated the water quality makes doing even the simplest tasks difficult.

“It is just little things like brushing our teeth and making coffee. I have to boil water to make coffee," Stephanie explained. These are all these little things I don’t think water should be a big issue.”

Another resident, Debra Warner, stated her household has not experienced any water-quality issues but have expired low-pressure problems. However, when Warner washes her hands with just tap water, she admitted it has a “lotion” type feel and feels “soft.”

Resident Chelsea McAskill stated her water quality has not been ordinary and seen the system experience a lot of breaks.

“I don’t let my kids drink the water. We buy bottled water and keep it on hand because you just never know,” McAskill stated. “When we don’t have bottled water, I will go to the store to get it rather than drinking it out of the tap.”

Resident Kathy Chesser stated the poor service, water quality, and continued infrastructure problems are frustrating.

“Yesterday morning I woke up with low water pressure," Chesser said. "My first thought was it was just another water leak somewhere."

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality lists Walter Carroll as the administrative contact for the water system.

Walter Carroll told the Daily Light, “there is nothing wrong with the system” and “it is the people complaining.” He noted, “the TCEQ monitors everything” and “they are my bosses.”

Online records from the TCEQ shows the Carroll Water Company serves a population of 420 people in the are.

Records also show that the Carroll Water Company has had 15 violations related to routine monitoring. Two of the violations were listed as major and 13 classified as minor. A separate violation listed as a lead consumer notice. Violations began in 2004 with the last one in 2015. According to TCEQ records, all have been resolved.

“People complain, and I don’t care what you do for them," Carroll said. "We spent thousands and thousands of dollars trying to keep good water all in there."

Carroll stated when there has been an issue boil notices have been sent to customers. He added the water he supplies is "quality."

“We are doing everything that we can to keep good water out there, In Spanish Grant, the well is like drinking bottled water," Carroll said. "It has no chemicals or whatsoever in it."


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