What’s S.U.P. + Kayak’s is officially open for the summertime at Lake Waxahachie.

“Three years ago I thought I can’t get a summer job and work for somebody else, so I came up with this,” said S.U.P. + Kayak’s owner Pat Barrett. SUP is an acronym for "stand up and paddle."

Her day job is a massage therapist for horse jockeys and figured one of her hobbies could offer Waxahachie residents a good time.

People can rent inner tubes, paddleboards, kayaks, life jackets, and floats by the hour. Life jacket and tubes are $1, while a two-person kayak is $20. She even has one three-person kayak.

People can locate the summer fun activities at the boat ramp park at Waxahachie Lake.

Barrett and her family, who help run the business, are at the lake every Saturday and Sunday. She will even venture out on a weekday if four people or more make a reservation over the phone.

Barrett said her business is the only service on the lake that is permitted by the city.

She is passionate about “summer fun and exercise and being at the lake. It’s the summer you want to be wet. What better job than being at the lake.”

Her advice is for kayakers is "your butt is your balance. It’s also great for exercise. It works both sets of obliques if you want a smaller waist. And you’re tired after an hour. It’s fun, and you’re getting a tan, and it’s exercise.”

Her services end in September.

What’s S.U.P. + Kayaks can be reached at 214-755-2021 or can be visited on their Facebook page.

Ashley Ford | @aford_news | 469-517-1450