Southwestern Assemblies of God University announced Tuesday a change in the school counseling program for the fall.

The SAGU school counseling program will now reflect a greater emphasis on small group and individual counseling techniques, crisis intervention and school counseling program development in local schools.

Dr. Christine Wirth, SAGU Education Department Chair, said, “We’ve worked hard to redesign the School Counseling program to better align with the Counseling programs SAGU offers.”

“School Counselors today face a myriad of issues they have to be prepared for to help guide students through. I’m proud that this program now does just that.”

Dr. Charity Kurz, SAGU counseling professor, had the opportunity to redesign the program to ensure alignment with the Texas Administrative Code and the Texas Education Agency requirements. The state legislature recently passed laws requiring school counseling degree programs to include a minimum of at least 48 credit hours. With this new development, Kurz stated that the program redesign was necessary.

The redesign also allowed the department to prepare the School Counseling program to comply with regulations of the Council of Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs.

“We believe the addition of counseling courses will prepare school counseling majors to adequately meet the academic, social/emotional, and career needs of all students in public, private or charter schools,” Kurz said.

“I am excited that we have expanded our program and I am looking forward to marketing to teachers who have always been interested in working with students outside of the classroom," Kruz continued. "I believe that this program will provide our SAGU students with the skills and tools necessary to attend to the growing needs of our young people, specifically in the area of mental health.”

Dr. Wirth believes that the redesign will also allow school counselors who graduate from our program to be more prepared to counsel students suffering from the repercussions of tragic circumstances.

“They can now be an effective collaborator and liaison between students, teachers, and other organizations they work with each day, “ she said. “They’re prepared to do so while learning how to stand true to what they believe and keep Christ in the center of all they do.”

To learn more about our School Counseling degree, visit https://www.sagu.edu/admissions/master-of-education-in-school-counseling.