To the Editor,

Ellis County needs Carol Bush to ensure we continue to meet the needs of our citizens in the future. She has a history of maintaining conservative values while ensuring fiscal responsibility, both of which have helped Ellis County stay strong during continued business and population growth. Our County Tax Rate has remained low even though we continue to have ongoing expenses to support the demands of rapid growth. Judge Bush has made several difficult decisions that were to benefit Ellis County residents. Her ability to successfully work in a competitive environment over time has proven that she doesn’t play partisan politics. Not everyone can be pleased all the time, but Judge Bush makes sure that decisions and actions are made that are fair and just for the majority.

It is sad that the political environment during this campaign has included unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Bush that have been proven to be false and without merit. Her records of communication and actions have remained open through the years. There appears to be a concern that Judge Bush was personally responsible for a salary increase in 2016, but what most people may not realize is that the salary for County Judge was stagnant for years which made it well below the other judges’ salaries in our county. Her involvement was limited to blindly drawing the Salary Committee names from a box that the County Clerk prepared according to the law. The selection process was under the control of the County Clerk, the names were drawn in open court, and the process was video streamed live during Commissioners Court. The salary increase was not her decision and she had no vote. A unanimous decision was made by the nine members who were assigned the responsibility of determining the salary for the position.

Judge Bush’s professionalism and duty to Ellis County citizens have been impeccable. The duties of the Ellis County Judge are widely diverse and require vigilance every day to successfully support our county. Please join Jan and I in our efforts to re-elect Carol Bush as Ellis County Judge.

Pat and Jan Merrill