Friday morning, Waxahachie ISD trustees and administrators hosted a dedication ceremony at the Ninth Grade Academy to honor Billy R. Hancock. 

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The building will become the home for Waxahachie Global High School in the fall.

Hancock served the district for 38 years under four superintendents and eight principals on the campuses of Marvin Elementary, Waxahachie Junior High, and Waxahachie High School.

He taught United States government, economics, and Texas, American, World, and local history classes.

During his years teaching at the high school, he was also the dedicated sponsor of the Junior Historians. In addition, Hancock was a director for the Ellis County Teachers Federal Credit Union from 1976 to 2014.

The 87-year-old delivered a heartfelt message to the past and current trustees and the administration of Waxahachie ISD.

He graduated in the class of 1948 and thanked his classmates. He asked if anyone else was from that class in the crowd — one other person raised her hand.

Then, he thanked his long-lasting friends and colleagues since 1957.

He then ultimately gave credit to his late wife.

“She was my partner all along the way. And in reality, underlying reality, her name, and my name are on this building, because she was there every day since 1957. I have to note the love of my life," Hancock expressed.

He recognized his family in the crowd. His three sons, their families and his brother from Oklahoma.

“This is where my heart is. It’s with the school people; it’s with the colleagues, those long-lasting friends. It’s for the family. That’s the way it is,” Hancock concluded.

Max Simpson, a retired Waxahachie ISD administrator, introduced Hancock at the ceremony. He described how Hancock’s teaching impacted generations of students.

At one moment, Hancock asked his former students in the crowd to raise their hands and an overwhelming amount of people had hands in the air.

The Ninth Grade Academy will be called the Billy R. Hancock Building when Waxahachie Global High moves in the fall of 2018.

Full photo gallery: http://bit.ly/2KaUaY7


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