Three grassy patches separate motorist on W. Main Street on the hill near Walmart.

Several organizations, individuals and now the City of Midlothian have now combined efforts to beautify the area.

Justin Crocker, the owner of Earth Tones, did the design work as far as irrigation and architecture plans. He worked on the approval of the projects with the City of Midlothian and the Texas Department of Transportation.

His crew will do the installation at cost and members within Accelerate Midlothian were able to raise money from other businesses to cover that cost. Though the design process started just three months ago, Crocker has been involved with the plan for about five months.

“I’m proud to be part of a city where business owners are willing to come together and invest themselves in making the city better rather than sitting around waiting for something to happen,” Crocker advocated.

The group wanted to make the area beautiful but was restricted since the road is owned by the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). The most substantial request from the state organization was visibility from each side of the median.

“We were under TxDOT’s thumb on what we were allowed to do there,” Crocker admitted.

The group of beautifiers approached the City of Midlothian for approval and was then informed they have to go through TxDOT to get the project approved. Once the city was made aware of the community beautification project, city officials wanted to do their part. Crocker said the city agreed to construct the concrete curbing on the medians, while the Earth Tones crew will install the irrigation and plants.

Crocker noted the median would be on the slimmer side and is projected to have cedar elm and live oak trees with native grass and yucca plants.

The plants and trees under consideration for the design are low maintenance and do not require as much watering. Crocker hopes the area will thrive.

“Business owners have come together to work on this projects to help make Midlothian a better place to live,” Crocker expressed.

“Also, I’m very happy to see the city supported this idea and decided to make improvements in this area,” Crocker emphasized. “I think whenever you have business owners in the city working together, that’s the recipe for a successful city.”

As of now, the group is waiting for final approval from TxDOT, and then the city will start on the median and Earth Tones staff will finish with irrigation and landscaping.

“There are many other opportunities in very similar areas to dress up areas that are similar to this around town," Crocker elaborated. "So I’m hoping when people see this project go in it will motivate the city and businesses in looking into other areas we can dress up too."

Amy Hubbard with Keep Midlothian Beautiful estimated the Main Street beautification project to be finished over the summer.


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