To the Editor,

I am writing this letter in support of Todd Little for Ellis County Judge. I have known Todd through his public service as an elected official, through his profession as a businessman and through his volunteer work for local nonprofits. I first met Todd years ago while I was a working journalist; I have always found him to be a man of integrity with a keen sense of responsibility and caring for those around him.

Todd has a servant’s heart. With his election, our county government can be responsive to our county as a whole and not find itself beholden to special, self-serving interests. I cannot imagine an individual more qualified and more caring to take leadership of this office; Todd will serve all of us in working for Ellis County.

I covered Todd as a journalist and found his decisions, including those as the former mayor of Red Oak, to be well thought out, with those decisions made after taking into consideration all views, and not just a few. With the increasing complexity of our world, it’s more important than ever that a holistic approach be taken in governance. He has always operated with transparence and out of a desire that people know what their government is doing. He is accessible and open to discussion on topics and issues. He welcomes input – and that won’t change once he takes office.

Todd and his family also have a tradition of volunteer service. Todd was involved as board president of Hope Clinic when the decision was made to obtain federally qualified community health center status. That decision has borne incredible fruit over the years with the clinic now serving about 8,000 people – our neighbors, friends and family members – here in Ellis County. Many of these patients might not have had healthcare otherwise.

Todd also served for years as a board member and president of Meals on Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties; during his tenure, the organization grew from a single county to include both counties, a decision that allowed even more service opportunities for our neighbors, friends and family members to be assisted and helped with their needs.

It’s obvious that Todd can see a need, envision a bigger picture, and find the best solution to make the world a better place. Join me in electing him as our Ellis County Judge so that he can work together with our commissioners to make our county the best it can be for everyone. Please vote for Todd Little for Ellis County Judge.

Thank you,

Jo Ann Livingston, Waxahachie