To the Editor,

Intently telling one part of a story without telling the whole story to create story is the same as a lie. It’s FAKE in that it creates an untrue image. Even worse is that there was time and effort to devise it. Even worse than that is when more than one person is involved. This was done by some local so-called conservatives. This is about untruths spread about Judge Bush. I personally called on and visited with Judge Carol Bush about the two allegations assumed about her. Neither have any merit and I can assure you there was never any intent. First is that she gave herself a raise. Very far from the truth. Recently Jim Pitts gave a firsthand description of the process developed and signed off on by our county commissioners. The fact is this was open, up and up, and is fair to all. It is a fair pay for what we ask and what is delivered. Next, I am referring to an affidavit signed to be paid by the state for additional work. Fact is, you never heard the whole story. When I discussed this with Judge Bush the payment from the state for additional work it became clear that what has been spread is not the real story and has been embellished with assumptions. Judge Bush did not receive a dime and never intended to collect for work that was not preformed. This pay must be applied for to the state in advance of the timeframe of work. It is not a bill or claim for work but an application. Trust me, she was 100 percent honest and ethical. The State did a poor job on this and needs to fix it. Getting the money form Ellis Country’s bank account back to the state’s account was an ordeal. But you never heard that part of the story.

I am glad to vote Bush. She has done a great job and is by far the best candidate.

Bill Kinsala, Waxahachie