To the Editor,

I am taking this opportunity to endorse William “Doug” Wallace for District Judge 378th Judicial District Court in the May 22nd Republican Primary Run-Off Election.

Doug Wallace brings the widest range of experience to the table and is dedicated to the principle of being a fair and impartial jurist and strictly interpreting the laws we have on the books. He has been a felony prosecutor, a civil trial attorney, and a family law attorney. He has given back to the community by handling family law as well as other legal matters pro-bono for servicemembers and first responders. He has been a law professor at Texas A&M School of Law and an arbitrator in corporate disputes. Doug Wallace also served his country as an enlisted soldier and as a commissioned officer in the United States Army. Additionally, I know Doug’s family shares the same commitment to public service. His wife, Billie, served this community for 28 years as a police officer here in Waxahachie, and his daughter, Andi, is in the process of enlisting in the United States Army Reserve.

I feel Doug Wallace is the most qualified candidate for District Judge in the 378th Judicial District Court race. I believe he will work hard for the citizens of Ellis County. I am voting for him and would encourage you to vote William “Doug” Wallace in the May 22 Republican Primary Run-off Election.

Thank you,

Charles E. “Chuck” Edge, Sheriff, Ellis County