To the Editor,

A vacancy has occurred on the 378th Judicial District Court, with the retirement of Hon. Joe Grubbs. This is a very important court to all of us. The person who is elected will preside over and decide cases concerning divorce, child custody, visitation and other matters concerning our families.

I am an Ellis County lawyer with over fifty years of trial, appellate and probate practice in Texas. I am writing to request your careful consideration of a candidate with a resume of experience that is unsurpassed. He is William “Doug “Wallace.

Doug is a trial lawyer, having tried family litigation cases as well as criminal and complex civil cases. He is also a teacher of law, having taught in the Texas A&M University College of Law and The Texas Wesleyan University School of Law. He has served as an arbitrator for several years. In short, Doug is one of the best qualified, most experienced candidates for judge I have known.

Wallace is the husband of Lt. Billie Wallace, recently retired from the Waxahachie Police Force. They are parents of Andi, a Waxahachie High School junior.

Doug is conservative; however, he is committed to uphold the law, as it is written, not to change it to suit his personal views. He has great integrity and is a hard worker. Doug’s broad experience and commitment to public service make him the most qualified candidate in the race.

My wife, Sherry Dyess, and I hope that you will vote on Tuesday, May 22, and that you will join us in supporting William “Doug” Wallace for judge of the 378th.


Bobby D. Dyess, Waxahachie