To the Editor,

Now that we are down to two individuals in the race for the next Representative for Texas congressional district 6, we can compare and contrast candidates.

On one hand, Ron Wright has spent the last 25 years in different forms of public service through elected office and working for Joe Barton for over 10 years. On the other, Jake Ellzey served 20 years in the USN as a combat pilot first in helicopters then in fighter jets on an aircraft carrier and is serving in Austin as a commissioner on the Texas Veterans Commission.

Currently Wright is working as the Tarrant county tax collector and Ellzey is flying for Southwest Airlines while continuing to serve the Republic training young Navy and Marine combat pilots as an air-to-air aggressor pilot.

We are down to either the status quo over-spending “Same old Joe” candidate serving the needs of the establishment, or a true patriot outsider who has given his entire adult life serving the US Constitution and the Republic.

Strong character, a love of liberty and a man who has taken an oath to defend and protect the Constitution makes Jake Ellzey a great candidate to be representing CD6. He takes a strategic view on limiting the federal government, protecting the border and the over reach of the government.

Granted, there are also democratic candidates and the republican has to win in November to become my congress crittur…

Bill Carson