To the Editor,

“Leadership is the power to evoke the right response in other people.” That quote from a 2008 Meals on Wheels calendar is posted above my desk, reminding me of the lasting impression I have from serving on the MOW board under Todd Little’s leadership. The quote sums up why I support Todd Little for Ellis County Judge.

The county judge we choose to lead Ellis County into the next decade must inspire trust, confidence, and enthusiasm.

Trust. With the tremendous growth facing our community, we need a leader who will open the courthouse doors and welcome diverse perspectives from across the county to the table.

Confidence. With the crippling tax burden placed on families, we need a leader who will work hard to make Ellis County an affordable place for people of all ages to call home.

Enthusiasm. With the opportunities and challenges presented by growth, we need a leader with the energy and enthusiasm to engage families and businesses to invest generously in Ellis County.

We cannot afford to wait. Please join me now in voting Todd Little for County Judge - a leader committed to opening up county government, listening to taxpayers, and helping your commissioners and county employees build prosperity for all of Ellis County.


Cathy Altman, Midlothian