Randi Loafman and her twin brother Derek Gauntt vividly recall attending Wilemon Elementary in Waxahachie from kindergarten through fifth grade.

Their mother, Carolyn Gauntt, taught music at Wilemon all through her children's time there from 1986-1992. From there, the twins transferred to Turner Middle School for their sixth-grade year, and in 1997, Wilemon Elementary moved to the newly built Wedgeworth Elementary on Solon Road.

Now a second generation of the family will attend the old school, which has become, once again, Wilemon Elementary after years of housing Waxahachie Global High school. Loafman will begin her teaching duties at her old alma mater, with her four oldest children beginning the school year with her — Lexi, a fourth grader, Luci, in the third grade, Luke in the second grade, and Levi, a kindergartener.

"Derek and I have had a lot of laughs remembering how we attended kindergarten at Kings Kids at the First Assembly of God Church in the mornings, and then we caught a van over to Wilemon to attend a second kindergarten, where our mother was, " Loafman said. She also noted that she and her brother simply thought everyone attended two kindergartens. "We have teased our folks through the years about the childhood 'abuse' we experienced doubling up on kindergarten."

What is especially meaningful to Loafman is the relic she found recently — an old Wilemon Elementary denim faculty shirt with the school name embossed on it.

"Luci was messing around in my parents' garage and brought this (shirt) to me," Randi said. "This is decades old, but I think I'm going to add it to my wardrobe."

Randi's husband, Matthew, is head boys and girls soccer coach at Corsicana High School and is also pastor of a Baptist Church in Cleburne. Randi said she looks forward to keeping the family tradition going even with her three preschool-age children, Landry, Lane, and one on the way, who is yet to be named.