On April 27, Waxahachie Mayor Kevin Strength stood on the steps of the Ellis County Courthouse and proclaimed May as “Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month.”

The proclamation noted the influx of citizens who motorcycle daily and acknowledges that those individuals are rather unprotected, which results in those drivers being more likely to be injured or killed in a crash than other drivers of other types of vehicles.

There are campaigns informing motorcyclists on safety, related risks, injuries and most of all fatalities through a comprehensive approach to motorcycle safety.

The proclamation also stated it is the responsibility of all drivers to be aware of motorcyclists on the road and regard the same respect as any other vehicle traveling the highways. Motorcyclists in the community are urging all citizens to become aware of the inherent danger involved in operating a motorcycle and give the operator the respect on the road they deserve.

Those who were present at the proclamation were members of Gryphons MC, Suds & Butterfly with Ride Safe In Texas, Losers MC, Freedom Connection MM, BACA Buffalo Creek, Guardians Of The Children Chisholm Trail, Bikers For Christ MM Ellis Co., CMA Kingdom Lions Chapter and Third Tradition MC & Jimbo McMullen (COIR)..


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