To the Editor,

With the primary runoff election coming up May 22nd I am unsure which current “County Judge” is running.

Is it the one you see on campaign posters, the one that falsified an affidavit in 2012 stating on her oath as a professional attorney and county judge “that at least forty percent (40%) of the functions (she) performs as county judge are judicial functions.” You know, the one at the time of the affidavit was only working 60% of the time on Ellis County business taking 100% of the County Judge’s pay. The one that accepted a salary supplement from the state for those services NOT rendered and then had to return it when she was about to be caught. The one that wormed out of the criminal act because there was not enough evidence. Notice I said “not enough” and not NO evidence.

You and I would have been fined and spent time in jail had we falsified a sworn affidavit to enrich ourselves.


Is it the current County Judge that betrayed public trust by filling a grievance two months after she voted to institute section 152.014 of the Texas Local Government Code to establish a neutral committee from a pool of grand jury members to review salary concerns? A committee that is/was completely ignorant of this judge’s background of efforts to enrich herself with tax dollars. This would be the very first salary grievance in Ellis County history.

The only thing Bush has done that is “outstanding” is her deceit which can never be reconciled by anything she has done.

As a side note, did anyone’s taxes go up this year?

Please consider her actions when you vote for a County Judge that is honest, has integrity and will absolutely NOT betray public trust

Craig Monk, Waxahachie