To the Editor,

In 2005, when Todd Little was Mayor of Red Oak, he was a very outspoken promoter FOR annexation. In fact, he tried to annex 1,799 acres of land toward Ferris, Palmer and Rockett. (Waxahachie Daily Light article Jan. 2005-Moving Borders). Now, as a candidate for Ellis County Judge, he’s made a big show of signing a petition and saying he’s AGAINST an annexation proposal by the City of Midlothian. So, if Little made a BIG LAND GRAB when he was Mayor and now says he will protect property rights, it makes you wonder if the citizens of Ellis County can trust anything Todd Little says. Todd Little also claims to be a true conservative. But, could a true conservative be in favor of annexing 1,799 acres of predominately agricultural exempt land when doing so would produce little tax revenue while adding the city expenses of police, fire and garbage collection services? Once again, can the citizens of Ellis County trust Little and his judgment when it comes to decision-making?

Why would Little, Mayor of Red Oak, expose the city to such a financial burden and drain on its operational budget? Did Little give any thought to the lawsuit against Red Oak that would be filed by the good people of Ferris, Palmer and Rockett? And what about the costs associated with his annexation attempt? As a result of the lawsuit, the City of Red Oak had to repeal annexation ordinances and its hard-working taxpayers had to absorb the expensive legal fees associated with Little’s BIG LAND GRAB! Can Ellis County afford Todd Little, or more importantly, trust Todd Little?

In my opinion, property rights only matter to Little when he wants to win an election. Will he say and do anything just to get a vote? It seems to me that Ellis County deserves better than a lot more of Little’s political flip-flopping.

James Parks, Waxahachie