To the Editor,

The residents who live within the boundaries of the Waxahachie Independent School District have a chance to vote in a very important election that will elect three trustees to the Board. With the way the City, County and School District is increasing in population it is imperative to have qualified individuals willing to serve. It’s encouraging to see the number of candidates willing to sacrifice their time for the betterment of the WISD. In my opinion we (as voters) are blessed to have an outstanding group of candidates from which to choose. I know many of the candidates personally, consider them as friends, and if elected I am sure they would do their best to represent their constituents. However, there is one candidate that I have known her whole life that exemplifies all the traits needed to be a successful board member. She is Dr. Stephanie Jennings Singleton.

Stephanie has the qualifications necessary to be an excellent board member. She is a lifelong resident of Waxahachie and attended Waxahachie Public Schools excelling as an honor student. She graduated from college and went on to make the Dean’s list at dental school. She owns and manages a successful local dentistry business. And she has the experience of working with and contributing to many civic organizations which has benefited the community.

Stephanie possesses the characteristics necessary to be a contributing member of the School Board. She is intelligent, conservative, and honest. Plus, she has the personality and tact to work well with other board members and the constitutes.

I urge each of the voters to make sure and exercise the privilege to vote in this extremely important election. I plan on voting for Dr. Stephanie Jennings Singleton and I hope you will consider voting for her too.


Loran “Sonny” Wilson, Waxahachie