To the Editor,

Have you heard the latest rally your values! Sounds good, but what exactly do they mean? Is their value cry pertaining to morals? If so, does that mean opposing political parties have opposing morals? Can't be that since both major parties share pro vs.anti- abortion views, gender issues, and other moral views.

Do these values pertain to monetary views? One party favors large government spending and provides more dependency; another prefers less government spending and more independence and accountability. When this rally cry is repeated, the orator can serve the audience by detailing what their values are and encourage them to rally too.

When you place value on people, family, property, education, our constitution, you work to support and to protect and participate in voting for these values. If these issues are not valuable to you, then they can be lost, stolen, trampled on, and ultimately devalued. What's left can become a worthless and chaotic society, with no real values, like some countries destroyed by powers with no values. Public figures should not overuse this values word unless they have some.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie