To the Editor,

Don't readers want to know who is printing the truth vs. lies, or commonsense vs. rhetoric of delusions? I do. When an opposing view is in print, I sincerely try to understand their article and the info provided so I can find any logic or substance. Friday, 4/20/2018 opinion column of the Daily Light had such an article, written by guest columnist, Kent Bush. This accumulation of crock revealed to me the desperation of anti-Trumpers.

The objective goal of Trump haters has continually, since his victory, has been to sensationalize, attach derogatory labels to his supporters, belittle their intelligence, so that they may appear righteous, and therefore RIGHT. WRONG! Kent Bush, like most Trump opponents, showed the real desperation of their political cause.

First, this article was published to defame and mainly discredit, Sean Hannity of Fox News and radio. This broadcaster has spoken more truth, honesty, sincerity, and facts, than any of his maligners could ever possess in their little toes. Since when is it a crime to reveal publicly who you talk to privately? Just like President Trump is "under investigation" for a crime (collusion or perhaps obstruction or maybe immorality or whatever they can concoct) when THERE IS NO CRIME! just a conspiracy to convict so they can find a reason to impeach 45.

Second, as part of the resistance movement, make sure you color your rhetoric with lots of sex, secrets, and don't forget religious condemnation.

This is their only hope in their non-existent solutions for the American program.

Kent Bush mocks Sean Hannity for misusing a so-called common adage, "cherry on the cake," instead of "cherry on the sundae." How many readers have used this phrase? If you haven't, like me, you must be STUPID! See what I mean? Trivial and petty and worthless demagog.

So likewise, I will "cherry-pick" Kent Bush's written word..." an affair for president Trump. It is an ALLEGED affair, better consult with a lawyer, or at least an editor. Perhaps Kent sits on a throne next to the Almighty, letting his readers know that his life is sinless and Franklin Graham doesn't know what he is talking about. Now, these high and mighty qualities surely reveal to us his virtuous credibility and President Trump's and Sean Hannity's sins.

I can understand the desperate rational to discredit Mr. Hannity. Sean, himself, publicly admits he is a talk show host, NOT a journalist, as Bush titled him. Sean is known for calling out proclaimed journalists for not reporting all the current news, by most biased news media. This is why the public watches FOX news, they, like me, crave the full story, not just repetitious slandering to prop up anti-Trumpers. Listen to Hannity's montage of CNN and the constant badgering of their daily reported so-called newsworthy topics - sex, defamation, Russia, Russia, Russia, etc. It's often funny, but the truth is, it's enlightening to those seeking the truth of what's happening and why.

Discredit Sean Hannity, because of his diligence to bring to light what Americans deserve to know, the chronological lies, deceptions,

Cover-Ups, political preferences of public officials up to the highest levels. Americans seek the truth, except for the resistance, and hope to see justice served for honest, hard-working patriots and accountability to the corrupt swamp. All others, like Bush, should keep their B.S. to themselves. I do not appreciate it.

Lastly, Mr. Bush, I am not a "poor viewer" (another derogatory label) but rather a grateful and more informed and I will add, not a perfectionist, like you, to appreciate Sean Hannity, his honest, his CREDIBILITY, and the only news network, FOX NEWS, that can be labeled Fair and Balanced...not desperate to use their platform to propagate their opposition to President Trump. Potus and his administration has his opponents running scared because of our improved economy, foreign affairs successes, and representing the heart of America on many issues. I understand why the resistance is suffering desperation.

I would have preferred to forward this piece directly to Kent Bush, but his contact info is no longer published. I wonder why.

Gloria Harmon, Waxahachie