To the Editor,

We citizens of Waxahachie are facing one of the most important elections in city history. I believe anyone would agree that we are seeing growth at a pace never seen before in every facet of our community – retail, industry, downtown, schools, hospital, etc. Hopefully we all would rather see an organized growth instead of unorganized chaos. To be ready for organized growth, we must ensure that our infrastructure and city plan are adequately updated. It is inevitable that people will continue to move into our charming city and we want to retain that charm in midst of rapid growth.

To meet such needs, we need people on the City Council who are up to speed, running and doing an excellent job of preparing Waxahachie for rapid growth. We have those people on the council currently and it is critically important that we re-elect them. They GIVE of their time, talent and energy to the community as they are not salaried by the City. Having served on the City Council in the 1980's, I can assure you that they are giving generously of their own personal time. They do this in addition to their own individual professional businesses.

Waxahachie is in fact experiencing a very unique phenomenon. We have young and vibrant leadership in most every facet of our community. By this, I mean that the City, the WIS District, County, Hospital and others actually talk with each other and work together to make a great community ever more GREAT. Most cities do not experience such coordinated efforts. The three incumbents in the race for City Council are David Hill, Kevin Strength and Mark Singleton. They are part of this overall coalition to ensure that we are ready for rapid growth – a growth that is coming regardless of our individual opinions. Waxahachie is currently represented by our mayor as Vice President of the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) – A very prestigious coordinating board covering 16 North Central Texas counties.

Under the leadership of our City Council, we have seen downtown revived, many streets completely redone with city utilities updated at the same time, a great variety of retail establishments allowing many more choices for us, a 5-Star hospital which is in the top 6 percent of hospitals across the country in service and patient satisfaction, and much more. It's called COMMUNICATION & COORDINATION.

Your opinions may differ from mine. But I want to see a healthy and organized growth in Waxahachie. Rapid growth is now headed to the southern Metroplex. We MUST be ready!

For all of the aforementioned reasons I plan to vote for the BEST leaders for Waxahachie City Council. I will vote for David Hill, Kevin Strength and Mark Singleton! For the love of Waxahachie, I urge you to do the same.


Edwin (Ed) & Carol Farrar, Waxahachie