To the Editor,

I am a 27-year volunteer of the WISD. I have been a classroom volunteer, PTO Secretary and President on multiple campuses. Volunteer coordinator on multiple campuses, member of Health Advisory Committee. Member of campus advisory committees, member of District Advisory committee and booster club officer. I say this to let you know that I Love the WISD.

The WISD asked for another bond less than 3 months after voters gave them a no with a huge majority. When the $125 million bond for the high school passed we were told, “The new high school will provide capacity at all grade levels through the re-purposing of campuses.” When students move we will empty classroom space for 650 students at the 9th grade center and for 1400 students at the high school. If the district would repurpose campuses to their full potential as they said they would we would in fact take care of growth for years to come.

We are almost a HALF A BILLION in debt not due to be paid off until 2045.

My school taxes alone are up about $500.00 in two years and that is just for my middle-class house. I have friends who are being hit much harder. Our taxes are skyrocketing. Our school is already receiving a huge increase. We need tax relief, not more debt.

I am deeply concerned for the district I know and love. We need to stop and reevaluate, not plunge ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren deeper into debt.

I encourage you to join me in voting NO on this current bond proposal.


Sylvia Coulson