To the Editor,

Kim Kriegal is a strong community leader and a true student advocate. During her 31 year tenure as a public school teacher, 28 in Waxahachie, she prepared her students for life. She empowered her students with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to graduate high school and prepare for life post-secondary. She expected the best from her students therefore she exemplified the best.

In guiding and teaching her students, Kim addressed the whole child. This includes knowing their parents, siblings, community and the students’ interests. Her students and their families can attest to this. Although Kim only had one biological child, she treated and respected each student as if they were her own. She attended many school plays, sports events, school debates, honor awards and graduations. A real parent and a true leader!

Kim and I served together for four years on the Board of Directors of ATPE. It was during that time that I got to know Kim. I admired her strong leadership qualities and the friendship she had with her community leaders. Her ability to articulate a point-of-view and the passion to see it through is phenomenal. Her passion is a reflection of her coaching days, which transcended into her teaching career. As a former coach, Kim is not one to back down or step aside when it comes to the safety and integrity of her students.

Kim Kriegal embodies strength, determination, desire, heart and love for her community. These are all strong qualities the Waxahachie School Board needs. Kim’s actions exemplify what a true student advocate is; therefore, she will once again make an excellent Waxahachie School Board member and a powerful, respectable voice for the district. Kim Kriegal will represent your children, your community and the future of Waxahachie ISD with integrity!

Tina Briones, Ed.D.